Corporate Values
Corporate Values

Corporate Values



Red Crescent represents justice. It acts in accordance with the value of justice in all its activities and services. Evaluates each situation and option fairly and impartially. It exhibits the same attitude and behavior towards every segment, class, person, regardless of religion, language, race, nationality and gender.

Open Communication

Red Crescent Due to its reason for existence, it is free from stereotypes and prejudices and is sharing. It shares knowledge and experience, supports continuous and simultaneous information sharing within the institution. It interacts with the entire business ecosystem and stakeholders. It attaches great importance to being accessible, transparent and accountable.


Red Crescent is the epitome of solidarity and cooperation. It attaches great importance to the solidarity among itself with its culture, tradition and knowledge from its roots, commitment, team spirit, cooperation, cooperation and sharing are indispensable values.


Relations between stakeholders at Kızılay are based on trust. The foundation of success and reputation is trust, It is essential to be reliable in words, deeds and actions.

Red Crescent Honor

Red Crescent, is to take pleasure in transforming the common sense, conscience, tolerance, compassion and benevolence of its people into service to humanity. Guided by the institutional values ​​and principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; with will and mind, with enthusiasm, passion and devotion; creates value for its business partners and customers by being modern, innovative and making a difference. In all relations within their ecosystem, the Red Crescent behaves in a way that does not hurt its dignity.

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