Who Are We?
Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Kızılay Health Care


Kızılay Health Care, with its advanced medical equipment and trained personnel, in an environment where patients can feel safe and respectful to patient rights, with its knowledgeable, smiling and devoted staff; It aims to provide a continuously improving and developing health service within the framework of legal regulations, without sacrificing quality, using modern diagnosis and treatment methods, keeping patient-employee satisfaction at the forefront.



Kızılay Health Care at the Numbers


Providing service with 4 fully equipped hospitals and 2 medical centers with a total of nearly 1500 employees, 200 of which are physicians, Kızılay Health continues its investments in line with its vision and social needs. Providing reliable health services to an average of 950,000 people per year, Kızılay Health offers private hospital services with an accessible price policy.

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