Visitor and Companion Policy
Visitor and Companion Policy

Visitor and Companion Policy

Kızılay Health Care Visitor and Companion Policy


In extraordinary situations, a telephone connection with the nurse on duty is provided to obtain information about the visitor's patient.


If isolation measures are applied in your patient's room; Isolation card in your patient's room

will be found. The symbol on the cards determines the measures to be taken. Before entering the room, please consult your nurse for the use of protective equipment, other patients will not enter the rooms where isolation measures are applied.


No food should be brought during the visit.


During the visit, patients do not sit on their beds and talk loudly and other patients are not disturbed.


The volume of the television in the patient's room is not loud enough to disturb other patients.


Visitors do not use tobacco and alcoholic beverages inside the hospital. Legal provisions will apply to users.


The control of compliance with the principles of patient visits is carried out by the service staff and the duty officer.


Be sure to take care of your hand hygiene before and after the visit; wash and/or disinfect your hands.


If you see a warning hanging on the door of the patient's room during the visit, do not enter the patient's room without talking to the nurse.


The number of accompanying persons is limited to one person. The nurse must be informed during the change of companion.

must be given.


Whether the patient needs a companion or not is determined by the patient's doctor.


The companion should not be with the patient during the visit and medical care.



Any application for the patient other than the directives of physicians and nurses

should not. The companion assists the patient's care to the extent permitted.


The patient should not be taken out of the hospital or taken out of the hospital without the request of the relevant physician or nurse.

He should not change his bed.


In the Intensive Care Units, there is no accompanying person with the patient.


Patient privacy must be respected.


All these rules are in order to provide better, quality and reliable service to our patients.

edited. We would like to thank all our patients, companions and visitors for their sensitivity.


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