Complaints Policy
Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy

Kızılay Health Care provides up-to-date, reliable, quality and integrated services to everyone who needs health services in the community. Works to provide health services. The most up-to-date and competent health services in all branches. Presented with the assurance of “Red Crescent”; The first preferred health institution with the trust and high awareness it provides and aims to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level. In order to achieve this goal, complaints and suggestions from the patient / patient's relatives should be handled effectively and efficiently. We are aware that it needs to be addressed. To be able to improve every complaint and suggestion, sustainable and we see it as an opportunity to become a constantly evolving institution. By analyzing and evaluating the data collected as a result of the feedback, we are constantly improving our services.



How Can You Submit Your Complaints and Suggestions?

Complaints about the services provided in our hospitals and medical centers affiliated to Kızılay Health Care and you can send your suggestions to us using any of the channels below.


  • 168 Call Centers
  • Social Media Accounts (Whatsapp, Twitter, BIP, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Social Networks (Complaint, Google Comments)
  • Red Crescent Website
  • Kızılay Health Care Website


Evaluation and Conclusion of Complaints and Suggestions

SAP of 168 call centers, social media accounts, social networks, websites and face-to-face notifications it is recorded on the CRM system. In this regard, the notifications from the relevant user are instantly is following up. Notifications as soon as possible; impartiality, transparency, accessibility, accountability, it is evaluated and resolved within the framework of objectivity and continuous improvement. Through the process the patient/patient relative is informed at every stage.

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