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Are different fees applied in different polyclinics?

Yes, different fee applications can be made within the framework of the directive regarding the repayments made by the SSI, the evaluations of the management, and the scoring of private and foundation hospitals.

Can my own doctor operate / treat me at your center?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to meet such demands due to the busyness of the operating room.

I am privately insured, how can I apply to the center?

If it is included in our list of contracted institutions, you can receive service in accordance with the provisions of the contract. Otherwise, you can get service at our standard prices.

In what ways can I convey my satisfaction, suggestions and complaints to you?

1- You can leave it in writing in the COMPLAINT/SUGGESTION boxes in the Hospital/Medical Centers.
2- You can report it to the public relations unit in our Hospital/Medical Centers.
3- You can send it to Hospital/Medical Centers by phone.
4- You can choose the hospital and send it via the form in the contact section of our website.

In which branches does your center serve?

Branches differ in our hospitals and medical centers. The branches in the hospital / medical center are detailed in our own pages.

Is check-up service provided in your center?

Yes, check-up service is provided in our centers.

What are the rules that I have to follow as a companion?

Companions must follow hospital rules. In case of violation of the rules, the accompanying status of the person concerned will not be accepted.
Companions (other than physician and nurse directives) should not perform any practice for the patient.
Companions should not take their patients out of the hospital or change their beds without the request of the relevant physician or nurse.
A special diet program is applied to our patients. Companions should not give food or drink to patients without consulting physicians or nurses.
For the peace of the patients, loud talking and noise should not be made in the rooms and service corridors. Warnings regarding the use of mobile phones should be observed.
The televisions in the rooms should be used in a way that does not disturb others.
It is forbidden for the companions to use tobacco and alcoholic substances within the hospital.
Companions should inform the nurse in case of any problems with their patients.
There is no companion application in the intensive care units of our hospital.
The floor nurse should be informed in the change of companions.

What are the rules that I have to follow during patient visits?

Visiting hours must be followed in order to maintain hospital order. No visitors are accepted outside these hours.
Children aged 0-6 should not be brought as visitors.
Gifts such as magazines and books can be brought to patients by visitors.
For the health of our patients, live flowers, food and drink should not be brought.
Strictly no smoking is allowed during the visit.
Due to hygienic conditions, patients should not sit on their beds.
Visits should be short-term in terms of the health of our patient.
In order to maintain the hygiene of our hospitals and centers, garbage should not be thrown on the ground.
The instructions of the staff must be followed.

What distinguishes your hospital from other hospitals in your industry?

First of all, we carry the identity of the Red Crescent. With this identity, we have been giving service to the sick and those in need of help since 1868. Red Crescent, born from the desire to help the wounded on the battlefield without discrimination, strives to alleviate and prevent human suffering wherever it may be, within its national and international capacity. Its purpose is to protect human life and health and to ensure respect for human dignity. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all people. For this reason, we do not look at our patients as customers, we deal with everyone we serve with the spirit and perspective of the Red Crescent.

What do I need to do to be examined in your center?

It is enough to come to our center with your Passaport If you have an appointment, you can come at the appointment time; If you do not have an appointment, you can get a queue number from the relevant banks with an Passaport application and be examined.

What do I need to do to have a check-up?

You can benefit from the check-up service by applying with your Passaport. You can get detailed information about check-up packages separated by age groups for you from our hospitals.

Note: Since it can be busy in some periods, you can make an appointment in advance by calling our center where you want to have a check-up.

What should I do when a control examination is requested?

Provided that you apply with an identity card; Controls, which are made within 10 days after the examination and within 15 days after the operation, are carried out without paying a fee, by making an appointment in advance or by obtaining a sequence number from our cashiers. A new inspection record must be opened for overdue controls.

Which are our contracted institutions?

Contracted institutions/organizations differ in our Hospitals and Medical Centers. You can find detailed lists of institutions/organizations with which the Hospital/Medical Center has a contract on the relevant center or hospital's own page.

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