Quality Management Unit
Quality Management Unit

Quality Management Unit


  • To provide health services with professional staff in national and international quality standards and continuously increase its effectiveness,
  • Work without compromising scientific, conscientious, and ethical principles using modern medical diagnosis and treatment methods,
  • Offer quality health service at reasonable costs,
  • Protect the rights of patients and their relatives, ensure their satisfaction, and provide an environment where they feel safe by informing them at every stage of their treatments,
  • Provide our employees with an environment that is open to participation and development and equipped with educational opportunities,
  • Ensure institutional development by continuously measuring and improving with the participation of all employees.



Kızılay Healthcare Group offers quality health service to everyone in need of health service from all segments of the society, prioritizing patient and employee safety.   It continues to grow with satisfied patients and happy employees by providing high-quality diagnosis, treatment, and care services, and reducing risks for both our patients and our employees. 

The activities carried out in our hospitals are realized in line with international quality standards and the Ministry of Health’s Quality Standards in Health.    Significant contributions to the development of the quality culture are made by obtaining ISO 9001 certificates and evaluations are carried out in this context every year.   Our Quality Directorate coordinates all activities that need to be carried out according to quality standards with quality units in the general directorate and branches, and conducts all quality improvement activities. 


Our hospitals, according to the Quality Standards in Health by the Ministry of Health, as a result of inspections conducted in 2022; Kızılay Health Kartal Hospital scored 98.89 points.

(Kızılay Health Kartal Hospital Rated 98.89 points.)

Kızılay Health Konya Hospital  Rated 94.77 points

 Kızılay Health Kayseri Hospital  Secured a score of 96.18 points, thereby marking its demonstrated excellence



  • Öznur AY -  Kızılay Healthcare Director of Quality, 
  • Merve TEPE - Kızılay Healthcare Quality Unit Manager, 
  • Ezgi AYTEKIN - Kızılay Healthcare Quality Specialist, 
  • Sümeyye UÇAR - Quality Supervisor, Kartal Hospital 
  • Hülya ÇIMEN - Quality Supervisor, Kayseri Hospital 
  • Neslihan GULLÜK - Quality Supervisor, Kağıthane Hospital 
  • Gülsen ÖZ - Quality Supervisor, Konya Hospital   




Annual Quality Work Plan 

The Quality Annual Work Plan, prepared by the Kızılay Healthcare General Directorate, is shared with the hospitals and medical centers affiliated with the Kızılay Healthcare Group at the end of each year.   


Document Management

Kızılay Healthcare Group is committed to developing quality documents aiming to codify the business processes in line with the Health Quality Standards.  The identification of the need for documents, their preparation, control, approval, distribution, announcement, updating, preservation, removal, and destruction are under the responsibility and coordination of the Quality Directorate and Quality Unit.   


Unwanted Event Notification System 

In Kizilay Healthcare Group, there is an Unwanted Event Notification System concerning the management of unwanted events that either almost occur or do occur, potentially threatening patient and employee safety.     The Unwanted Event Notification System is designed to make employees feel safe, and confidentiality principles are applied during the reporting and sharing stages if the employee requests confidentiality.     Necessary improvement activities are planned for reported unwanted events, and root cause analyses (RCA) are performed specific to the event.   


Indicator Management System 

There is an Indicator Management System in the Kizilay Healthcare Group to monitor, evaluate, and improve the performance of service-providing departments.     Indicators are tracked monthly, in accordance with the Indicator Management Guide published by the Ministry of Health, considering the hospital structure, patient profile, and priorities.     Based on the analyses related to the indicators, necessary improvement activities are planned, and Corrective/Preventive Actions (CAPA) are performed specific to the indicator.    



In the Kizilay Healthcare Group, self-assessments are performed at least twice a year at regular intervals for the purpose of conducting evaluation activities based on Health Quality Standards.     The self-assessment team is determined by the Quality Directorate, and the self-assessment calendar is created in line with the Annual Quality Work Plan.     If deficiencies and/or inappropriate practices are identified by the team, necessary improvement activities are conducted in collaboration with the relevant committees.   



Committees operate to enhance quality management in Kizilay Health Group, in line with legal regulations and Health Quality Standards.     The qualifications and number of participants in the committees are determined considering the size of the service area and the variety of services, with at least four committee meetings per year, and more if necessary, coordinated by the Quality Unit under the Quality Directorate.   


Field Audits 

In the Kizilay Health Group, field audits related to service delivery activities are conducted at regular intervals by the Quality Directorate and Hospital Quality Officers, in line with the created quality documents and Health Quality Standards. Improvement activities for identified non-conformities are carried out in coordination with the relevant service departments.   


Building Tours 

To maintain and increase service quality in the Kizilay Health Group, building tours are conducted at least once every three months and when necessary by the Building Tour Team, coordinated by the Quality Unit, to create continuous, safe, easily accessible hospital physical conditions and technical infrastructure for patients, their relatives, and employees.   


To conduct drills.

Facility Evacuation Plans has been established for potential aftershocks and emergency situations in Kizilay Healthcare Group Facility evacuation drills and Blue Code, Red Code, Pink Code, White Code drills, depending on the type of emergency situation, are conducted at least once a year. 


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