Medical Departments
Anesthesia and Reanimation

Our strong staff, who fully assimilates the importance of teamwork by closely following the developments in the science of anesthesia, works to ensure that our patients have a safe operation. Our Anesthesiologist physicians first evaluate the patient's condition before the operation and choose the most appropriate anesthesia method for the patient and the operation to be performed. Thus, it ensures the comfort and safety of the patient during the operation. To this end; relieves pain, maintains your temperature, replaces lost body fluids, controls vital functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, kidney function. It also takes the necessary measures for pain relief after surgery. Our Anesthesia and Intensive Care Service offers the most up-to-date care and treatment under the best and safest conditions to all kinds of surgical intensive care patients, with pre- and post-operative care and controls, with its experienced and expert staff.


Preoperative medical evaluation

Anesthesia application in all surgical branches

Intensive care

Regional Blocks

Painless Birth with Epidural Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia


Oral and Dental Health

In our oral and dental health unit, we offer diagnosis and treatment services for the elimination of oral, dental and jaw complaints. Our experienced staff; It consists of jaw surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontist, endodontist, and implant specialists.


Preventive Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Caries, Filling and Root Canal Treatments

Treatment of Gum Diseases

Fixed and Removable Prosthesis Applications


Dental Radiology

Aesthetic Fillings


Nutrition and Dietetics


We aim to teach healthy nutrition or to provide nutritional behavior change in individuals who come with any health problems, and we apply a "personalized nutrition program" that is protective of health and in some cases therapeutic.


Nutrition for Kidney Patients

Child Nutrition (Adolescent Nutrition)

Nutrition in Diabetes (Diabetes) Patients

Gestational Diabetes (Pregnancy)

Nutrition in Liver Diseases

Nutrition in Metabolic Syndromes

Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation Period

Nutrition in the Digestive System 

Athlete Nutrition

Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Anorexia Bulimia)

Adult Weight Control (Weight Loss - Gain - Protection Programs)

Nutrition Therapy for Insulin Resistance

Nutrition in Autoimmune Diseases

Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry laboratory, biochemical mechanisms in health and disease, prevention of diseases, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, monitoring of prognosis and treatment in biological materials (serum, plasma, tissues and other body fluids), performing analyzes with chemical and molecular biological methods, with appropriate analyzes (tests). It continues its activities within the scope of laboratory science specific to medicine, which includes the examination of organ functions, the selection and application of tests, the medical interpretation of the results, the consultation with clinicians, and laboratory diagnosis, which adapts to scientific developments and innovations. In the Clinical Biochemistry unit, accepted tests are performed in the Hormone, Hematology-Coagulation, Drug Levels, Tumor Markers departments. 


Special Services


Hormone Analyzes

Metabolism Analyzes

RIA Analyzes

Urine Analyzes

Complete Blood Count

Child Diseases

In our department, healthy child follow-up, screening, all childhood vaccination applications, nutrition education and follow-up, growth development follow-up of children aged 0-15 are carried out; In case of illness, diagnosis and treatment are carried out. All of our employees take care to act in accordance with child psychology.


Baby and Child Nutrition


Infant development and follow-up

Newborn Diseases and Jaundices

Newborn Follow-up (Hip USG, etc.)

Short stature


Anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting

Lung Diseases

Asthma treatment


Abdominal Pain

Fever Diseases

Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine, called Internal Diseases, is a comprehensive science. This unit is the departments where the outpatient and inpatient treatments of our patients who apply with various problems are arranged, and acts as a guide for our hospital in solving the problems. For this reason, it is the department where the tests of our patients are made, the first diagnosis is made, the treatment is arranged according to the condition of the disease, and they are referred to the relevant place.


Anemia Diagnosis, Follow-up and Treatment

Burucella Diagnosis, Follow-up and Treatment

Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Diabetes

Renal Diseases (Parenchyma)


Kidney Failure Follow-up

Connective Tissue (Rheumatism)

Follow-up of Geriatric Diseases

GUT Arthritis Diagnosis , Follow-up and Treatment

HT Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Liver Diseases

Cholesterol Diagnosis, Follow-up and Treatment

Stomach and Intestinal Diseases

Diagnosis, Follow-up and Treatment of Thyroid Diseases

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases


Dermatology is the medical unit related to our 'skin' organ, which is the largest organ of our body and fulfills many important functions.<br>In the dermatology department of our hospital; Examination, follow-up and treatment of skin, hair and venereal diseases are performed.


Behçet's Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin Biopsies

Diagnosis and Treatment of All Kinds of Skin Diseases



Diagnosis and Treatment of Nail Diseases

Health at Home

In the comfort of your home, next to your family and loved ones, 'Kızılay Home Health Unit' is with you whenever you need it. 


It offers a quality life opportunity for the elderly and individuals in need of care, the physically disabled and people in similar situations. In our home care services, which are offered in accordance with international standards, preventive health and examination services are provided. Home Care Services include a wide spectrum ranging from the highest standards of Doctor examination to short or long-term nursing services, from various therapies to other health services, from the use of medical devices to laboratory examinations, in the patient's environment and without disturbing the daily life flow.


With our professional staff, perfect service understanding and technological equipment, we produce reliable and attentive solutions for the health needs that may be encountered in many stages of life.


Home Care Opportunity for Your Needs with Our Experienced Team


Different health care solutions are provided at home by experienced medical personnel with high technology support for anyone who wants to be treated at home or who decides to continue their treatment at home in case of illness that may be encountered at all stages of life.


Home Doctor Service


We offer professional expertise, skills and the latest medical technology combined with high ethical values ​​to people who are home-bound or who prefer to receive home service. Our doctors specialize in providing the most modern medical advances, exclusively to home care patients. Diagnosis and treatment process is provided in the warmth of your home. Home doctor service prevents unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency service applications, transfers by ambulance, and allows people to stay at home if there is no necessity for their medical condition. It is ensured that all health data are increased by ensuring that risky situations are detected in advance and precautions are taken with regular controls, in which the preventive medicine approach is not ignored.


Our home care doctor visits you at home and provides your diagnosis and treatment. After the examination, he examines your medical condition in detail. Identify your medical needs and priorities. While providing the solution of your acute medical condition as soon as possible, it shares with you the requirements for monitoring your chronic diseases and health. Within the determined plan, it produces healthy solutions that will increase your quality of life day by day for you. Our home care doctor can also make instant doctor visits upon your call. In addition, it increases your quality of life by closely monitoring your health and chronic diseases with regular doctor visits if you need it, early detection of your diseases and possible risks with a preventive medicine approach and taking necessary precautions.


Home Nursing Service


All nursing interventions [Injection at home, drug administration at home, catheter insertion, blood collection, dressing, bed sore care for long-term inpatients, home serum application, home vaccination application]


Wound care

Stoma care

Infusion services


Home Health Support Personnel Service


Elderly care

Patient accompaniment services (Health support personnel make the patient take a bed bath, do oral care, nail care, empty the catheter, accompany the patient, help the patients eat their meals ).


Home Rehabilitation Services


Our physiotherapists aim to help our patients achieve the highest level of independence possible by using physiotherapy techniques and exercise therapy.


Mother-Baby Care at Home


Home nursing service is provided for mothers who have just given birth. Meanwhile, our nurse helps to meet the needs of the baby and the mother, gives education to the mother and takes care of the baby. Mothers are given training on baby care, breastfeeding, baby bathing, breast care, baby's eye and nail care, puerperium, and maternal nutrition. In addition to this;


Healthy/sick baby care and follow-up

Mother care and education

Premature baby care services are also provided.


Home Health Education


Education and counseling on patient and family care

Education and control on chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation, which teaches people to maximize their function and work capacity, to live without being dependent on others, and aims to increase their quality of life, helps to solve neurological diseases such as muscle, joint, bone and spine diseases, sports injuries, orthopedic problems such as rheumatic diseases and paralysis. It is a science that serves with the aim of planning the most effective treatment.


Patients with neck, back, low back pain

Patients with shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

Hip, knee, ankle pain patients with pain

Rheumatic diseases


Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries

Rehabilitation after plaster cast due to fracture, dislocation, injury

Rehabilitation of neurological diseases

Stroke rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury

Rehabilitation of stroke with brain and spinal cord injury

Rehabilitation of patients with swelling in their arms and legs as a result of impaired lymph circulation other than the movement system

Rehabilitation of pediatric neurological diseases

General Surgery

General Surgery department is an interventional branch in which your diseases are treated with medication and, if necessary, surgery after a detailed examination. In our hospital, certain operations such as laparoscopic, that is, closed through small holes, gallbladder, reflux surgery, appendectomy, inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia are performed. In order to protect women from breast cancer, one of the most important diseases of our age, annual breast examination, mammography controls and follow-ups are also performed.


Anal Region Surgery

Umbilical Hernia Surgery

Goiter Surgery

All Kinds of Skin and Subcutaneous Mass Surgeries

Closed Gallbladder Surgery

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Involved Hair Surgery

Oncological Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Breast Surgery

Stomach Surgery

Stomach Balloon

Thyroid and Breast Biopsy

Galbladder Surgery

Trioid Surgery

Stomach Botox

Obesity and Metabolic SurgerySurgery

Emergency and Effective Surgical Operations

Endoscopy – Colonoscopy

Eye Health and Diseases

Eye health is of great importance in terms of quality of life. Some eye diseases can progress and cause permanent damage up to vision loss if not treated in the early period. For this reason, it is of great importance to have regular eye examinations and to detect possible diseases in the eyes before they progress. Healthy people should undergo eye screening once a year, and those who have any complaints about eye health should be examined in the Department of Eye Health and Diseases. In the Department of Eye Health and Diseases, services are provided in branches such as vitreo-retinal diseases, cataract-refractive surgery, oculoplastic surgery, glaucoma, diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration, refractive errors, strabismus, and pediatric ophthalmology. Specialist physicians benefit from current technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.


Smart Lens

Medical and Cosmetic Botox

Eye Contour Aesthetic

Ptergium Surgery

Chalazion and Cyst Surgery

Cataract (Phaco)

Retinal Diseases

Cornea Diseases

Eyelid surgery

Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

Lung and Chest Diseases

We offer our services for screening, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory system diseases with our specialist physician, using the most up-to-date approaches and technology. We restore our patients to their health in the areas of expertise consisting of pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, allergy-immunology and respiratory sleep diseases. We deal with chest diseases, the incidence and variety of which increase due to reasons such as air pollution and increase in smoking, in accordance with the most comprehensive scientific framework. In our department, there are various laboratories with the technical and technological equipment required for the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases that can come to mind when it comes to chest diseases.


Allergy Test

Asthma Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Bronchitis Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

COPD Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Respiratory Failure Treatment

Chronic Cough and Chest Wheezing Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Shortness of Breath

Smoking Cessation

Interpretation of Respiratory Function Tests

Sleep Laboratory (Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleeping Problems)

Diagnosis of TB and all other lung diseases , Treatment and Follow-up

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Diseases

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology and obstetrics - also known as gynecology- unit is a medical unit related to female body and reproductive health. Our Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, which closely monitors and implements every development; provides services on gynecological diseases, pregnancy and birth, pediatric-adolescent gynecology, menopause gynecological operations. Births can also be performed painlessly with epidural anesthesia method.


Pregnancy Follow-up



Diagnostic and Therapeutic Abortion and Biopsy

Cervical Cancer Scan

Spiral, Mirena and Gynefix Application


In the Cardiology Unit, our specialist physician diagnoses many rare and complex cardiological pathologies as well as common heart diseases (ECG, Echocardiography, Effort Testi Rhythm Holter and Blood Pressure Holter), and organizes treatment in the light of current scientific data. Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases in our country and in the world. In adults, systolic blood pressure should be below 120 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure should be below 80 mmHg. Continuously above these values ​​is called hypertension and this can lead to the formation of many diseases in the long run. For this reason, blood pressure should be reduced to normal ranges and kept under control with medical nutrition therapy and, if necessary, drug therapy.


Heart Failure

Rhythm disorders

Exercise Test



Event Recorder

Coronary artery disease

Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Hypertension

Rhythm Holter(24-48 hours)

Blood Pressure Holter(24 hours)

Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Heart Diseases


ENT; It is a branch of medicine that studies the ears, nose, throat and head and neck structures. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the structures in the ear, nose, nasal passage, sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx and face-neck are the fields of interest of ENT. In addition to standard surgeries such as tonsil, adenoid, ear tube, nasal curvature, endoscopic sinus surgery, surgical interventions for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, tympanic membrane repair, operations for chronic middle ear infections, interventions for vocal cord diseases can be performed.


Functional (Functional) Nose Surgeries

ENT Routine Surgeries

Ear Tests (Odiometry, Tympanometry, Caloric Test)

Eardrum Repair (Tympanoplasty) and Other Ear Surgeries

Clinical Psychology

Psychology is an academic and applied science that includes the scientific study of Mental Process and behavior. Psychologists study phenomena such as perception, attention, emotion, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. Clinical Psychologists examine the psychological disorders of individuals through various tests or assessments; They carry out their treatment with psychotherapy method. They assist their clients on how to deal with everyday problems or traumatic events with a deeper impact.


Child and Adolescent Psychology

Adult Psychology


Neurology; It is a specialty that examines diseases of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system and muscles, and provides diagnosis and non-surgical treatment. In addition, neurologists frequently provide consultation services to other specialties. Neurologists specialized in their field provide this contribution in cases where diseases related to other specialties affect the nervous system. Radiology and EEG laboratory studies are important in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. CT, MR, angiography, EEG, EMG services are also provided for diagnostic purposes.






Parkinson's Disease





Waist and Neck Hernia


Facial paralysis

Obesity Center

Today, the prevalence of obesity problems is much higher than before due to the difficulties of city life and changing eating habits. The primary goal of our team is to detect such problems immediately before they develop advanced symptoms and to enable the individual to reach the treatment they need in the fastest, most reliable and most comprehensive way. We offer permanent weight loss treatments with lifestyle changes and all alternative methods. We support you to throw all the burdens on you with our special programs. We help you lose weight and maintain it. We reveal your factor and situation structures with Matrix, mathematical models and algorithms with professional Psychologists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists and Age Coaches.


Individual interviews

Group interviews

Dietary practices


To gain healthy living skills


Orthopedics and Traumatology

The Orthopedics and Traumatology Department plans and implements the most appropriate treatment for patients at a scientific level, in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, in cooperation and cooperation with all departments in our hospital, by taking advantage of the wide possibilities of technology. It is an expanding branch where patients are informed in detail about their treatment plans by our specialist doctors.


Meniscus Lesions, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears

Shoulder Surgery

Rotator Cuf, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Operations,

Hip-Knee-Shoulder Prosthesis Surgery, General All Extremity, 

Traumatic and Pathological Fractures, Open and Closed (Endoscopic – Micro Invasive and Intromedullary Surgery) Treatment

Arthroscopic Surgical Treatments of Joints such as Knees – Shoulders

Ligament Repairs – Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair

Menus Repair

Arthrosis Treatments

Total-Partial Prosthesis Surgery of joints, especially Hip - Knee

Vacular-Nerve Surgery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nerve Compression Surgery

Trigger Finger, Tendon Compression Surgery, Hand Surgery

Sports Injuries Treatment of Diseases and Diseases – Rehabilitation and Intra-Articular Injection Applications

PRP treatment

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is one of the most natural doping methods that a person can take into his body. Ozone Therapy ensures that people who have suffered from various diseases can easily get rid of these diseases and also prevent them from getting such diseases again. It has a very strong protective effect, especially on people who are affected by seasonal flu and other epidemics and are in the risk group.


Medical Ozone Therapy, which is a combination of pure oxygen and pure ozone, is used to give vitality and vitality all over the world, especially Hollywood celebrities.


Ozone Therapy, which increases the quality of life, benefits all tissues by increasing the oxygen level in the body. It is an effective anti-aging therapy that strengthens the immune system, accelerates blood circulation, and reduces fat in the liver. In addition, it can be applied as a supportive therapy in the prevention of cancer and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


Ozone Therapy prices may vary depending on the package or session. Considering the expenses made in case of illness, Ozone Therapy prices are suitable as it creates a preventive effect by strengthening the immune system.


Strengthens the immune system.

Increases metabolic rate.

Provides anti-aging effect.

Provides detox effect.

Accelerates blood circulation.

Creates pain relief .

Anti-carcinogenic effect

Improves the quality of life.

It is effective against the decrease in sexual performance that can be seen especially after the age of 40 in men. A serious increase in performance is observed after Ozone Therapy.

As it provides hormonal balance in women, it helps them to overcome menopause much more easily.

It reduces the risk of heart attack due to its blood thinning effect.

It is beneficial in stress-induced diabetes.

It is a supportive treatment for weight loss because it accelerates the metabolism.

Plastic Surgery


It aims to provide solutions to congenital disorders in the human body, problems that occur with aging, deformities after accidents, and deformities that occur after illness. Plastic surgery, or with its full name, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, is a surgical department that covers the reconstruction and shaping of various structures on the body, the removal of serious tissue losses and all kinds of aesthetic interventions.


All body injuries

Hand surgery

Aesthetic surgery

Removal of unwanted lines on the face and eyelids

Aesthetic nose surgeries

Breast augmentation, reduction and lift surgeries

Prominent ear correction

Abdominal surgery and face lift surgeries


In our Podology department, which provides services for the protection and care of people's foot health, we plan the foot treatment of our patients with the correct diagnosis and treatment. Despite many symptoms, foot health is often delayed or neglected. However, it is not difficult to protect our feet, which is a very important organ of our body. In our Podology department, with our expert Podologists;


Ingrown nail care and treatment

Calls treatment

Fungal treatment

Foot sweating

Foot burn

Diabetic foot care

Cracked heel treatment

We offer deformed nail treatment services.



It is a department that serves the groups over the age of 15 who have chosen to use their professional knowledge, education and experience in the direction of helping people. Treatments and therapies are provided to help you lead a more meaningful life.


Addiction (Internet, Alcohol, Shopping, etc.)



Attention Disorders

Mood Disorders

Marriage Counseling

Night urination

Anxiety Disorders

School Phobia

Panic Attack

Exam Anxiety and Coping Ways

Ways to Cope with Stress


Sleep Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorder


Diagnosis is one of the most important steps for the treatment of diseases. The primary aim of our radiology unit is diagnosis, and we do this with modern and proven imaging methods.


Direct X-Ray (Digital System)

Bone Densitometry



Color Doppler

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are hard masses with mineral content formed in the kidney canals. The reasons for the formation of these stones and the mechanism of formation are not known exactly, but it is estimated that familial predisposition, congenital urinary tract anomalies and some systemic diseases (gout, cystinuria, etc.) are the cause. Kidney stones, which are seen 2-3 times more frequently in men than in women, cause severe pain in the body and color changes in the urine.


Especially the decrease in water consumption causes an increase in kidney stone cases. 


To get rid of kidney stones, stone breaking with ESWL, which is one of the most effective methods, provides patients with an effective and comfortable treatment.


ESWL; It means breaking stones with shock wave from outside the body. Purpose; It is to treat the person without the need for a surgical intervention.


During the procedure, the stone is monitored online and its movements are kept under constant control. It is possible to break urinary system stones of different hardness in our ESWL unit. Breaking stone; it turns the stones into sand and allows the patient to pour the stone without being aware of it. The energy pulses from the electromagnetic shock source are focused and reflected by the parabolic reflector, creating mini shock waves at a small spot on the stone. These shocks cause the stone to shatter. The patient throws the resulting sand and stone pieces through the urinary tract.


Pain or pain is usually not felt during the treatment. The patient does not need anesthesia.


ESWL Applied Areas:

Kidney Stones

Ureteral Stones

Bladder Stones

Peyronie's Disease


Situations to Apply ESWL;

Stones below 2 cm in the kidney

Residual kidney stones after percutaneous or open surgery

Uterineary upper end stones



Urology is a surgical specialty that studies the urinary systems of men and women and the reproductive systems of male patients. Urogenital disorders concerning the urinary tract and reproductive system fall under the field of urology. Prostate and bladder TUR operations, open and closed kidney stone operations (ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy) are performed successfully. Examination, tests and treatments are also planned together with other departments for erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems seen in men and male infertility disorders defined as male infertility. Urinary incontinence and urination problems, which can be seen in men and women of all ages, are evaluated and treated in detail.


Sexual Function Disorders

ESWL Stone Breaking

Incontinence Surgery

Infertility Treatment

Closed Prostate Surgery TUR-P




Varicocele Surgery

Prostate and Bladder Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment

Plasmakinetic closed prostate and bladder surgeries

Undescended Testis