Kızılay Health Care History


The date is June 11, 1868… A group of idealist Ottoman physicians came together and formed an association.  This most rooted non-governmental organization of our country, which first took the name of the hilal-i Ahmer Society and later the "Red Crescent" by the order of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been for 145 years since that day It operates in areas such as disaster preparedness and struggle, blood services, social services, youth and volunteer work, education services and health services.  With nearly 750 branches across the country, hundreds of thousands of members and volunteers, it gives hope to those in need.


On this road we set out with the vision and mission of the Red Crescent We are taking firm steps forward in order to reach all segments of the society with the health services provided in the medical centers and hospitals affiliated to the Headquarters and our Branch Heads, to provide a structure that can respond to the demands coming from the society, to closely follow and implement the developments in health.


Since 2010, "increasing the service quality of hospitals and medical centers and ensuring their continuous development" has been determined as a strategic goal for the Red Crescent.  In the following period, it was decided to create a new structure in order to enable the health centers within the Red Crescent to provide more effective service, and thus, Kızılay Health was born in 2019.


Kızılay Health Care provides modern health services to an average of 950,000 people per year in 4 hospitals and 2 medical centers throughout Turkey, and we perform approximately 39,000 surgical interventions per year.  We continue to serve with effective and innovative practices in the field of health, with the power we have gained from the Turkish Red Crescent, to which we are affiliated, with the experience we have and the endless trust of our people.

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