Kizilay Healthcare Obesity Treatment Center
Kizilay Healthcare Obesity Treatment Center
Kizilay Healthcare Obesity Treatment Center

With our academic staff and expert healthcare team, we make weight loss 'permanent' and bring you to a healthy life.

"We are with you in the fight against obesity for a healthy future!"

We know that a healthy life begins with weight control. Tackling obesity is an important step that will change your life. This is exactly where we are here to be with you and offer dedicated support. With our obesity-specific medical treatment program, we work with an experienced team to determine the most suitable one for you and to guide you in weight management with a healthy lifestyle. We create the most suitable treatment plan for you by combining different approaches such as nutritional counseling, diet planning, exercise recommendations and drug therapy when necessary.

We work with our experienced healthcare professionals to create a personalized obesity medical treatment plan for you.
With nutritional counseling and diet planning, we help you create a healthy diet and reach your weight loss goals.
We support you to adopt a more active lifestyle with physical activity programs and exercise recommendations.
We are with you to support your weight loss by providing medication and follow-up services when necessary.
Fighting obesity means stepping into a healthy future. Join us to improve your quality of life with healthy weight loss.

What is obesity?

Obesity is an excessive increase in the amount of fat in the body in general. The main problem is that the energy taken, that is the food, is more than the spent. The energy that cannot be spent is stored as fat in our body. Obesity is rarely seen together with hormonal disorders. Patients who apply with complaints of obesity are also evaluated hormonally. Obesity patients that are not due to hormonal disorders should first be evaluated in terms of diet and lifestyle, and problems should be identified and corrected. Surgical treatment is recommended for patients who cannot achieve treatment success with these methods and who are thought to benefit from surgery. Obesity shortens a person's life expectancy by an average of 10 years and also negatively affects social and working life. According to the criteria of the World Association of Obesity Surgery, a body mass index of over 30kg/m2 is defined as obesity. This index is calculated by dividing body weight by the square of height. For example, for someone who is 170 centimeters tall and weighs 70 kilograms, we find 1.7 meters times 1.7 meters 2.89. 70 kg divided by 2.89 equals 24.22, which means it falls into the healthy weight group according to the table below. If the same person weighed 90 kilograms, we would find a result like 31 by calculating 90 kilograms divided by 2.89 and the person would be diagnosed as obese.

Body mass index    BMI (kg/m2)

(BMI) definitions


Weak                 < 18

healthy weight   18 - 25

Fat                    25 - 30

Obese               30 - 35

severely obese  35 - 40

morbidly obese   40 - 50

super obese        50-60

super super obese  60 and above

Health Risks of Obesity

Obesity is a systemic disease that affects the whole body. It is directly related to diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, as well as sleep apnea, menstrual irregularities, infertility, herniated disc, mental problems, some types of cancer and joint arthritis.

Fighting Obesity

Once the disease occurs, it is very difficult to treat it. The basis of the fight against obesity is to prevent it from occurring, and this can only be achieved by making healthy nutrition and physical activity a lifestyle starting from childhood. Unfortunately, weight loss with healthy nutrition and exercise can be achieved in one or two out of ten patients who present to a health professional with obesity, that is, those whose body mass index exceeds 30. These rates reveal the value of not making you fat rather than losing weight. The main components of the treatment of excess weight are; It consists of Diet Therapy, Exercise Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Medication Therapy and Bariatric Interventions.

What Will Obesity Treatment Gain Patients?

It will enable patients struggling with obesity to regain their health, not restrict their social activities, and regain their lost self-confidence. It will not leave patients alone with many methods and solutions so that they can maintain their regained health throughout life, and will make their weight loss 'permanent' with personalized treatments.

What are the Privileged Services of Kızılay Healthcare?

Kızılay Healthcare takes care of you psychologically before surgery so that you can lose weight in a healthy way. Subconscious, which will be applied for the first time in our country, will develop a personalized method by examining your brain and other damaged mechanisms before your stomach, through behavioral and environmental changes. It will present these methods in ways that have not been applied before, working in a multidisciplinary manner with teams of experts in their fields (psychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists).

Why Should I Prefer Kızılay Healthcare?

With its academic staff and expert teams in the field, it apply the most professional treatments to obesity and all other problems caused by obesity, with personalized treatment methods. Our process will include all solutions from conscious and subconscious changes to group treatments, from personalized nutrition programs to personalized exercise programs, from acupuncture to hypnosis, and will also include stomach botox and surgical procedures depending on the person's condition.

What will the patient gain at the end of treatment?

First of all, people will be helped to know and discover themselves, and awareness of healthy living will be created through an effective and permanent treatment method. Afterwards, it will eliminate the possibility of failure with the treatments applied by expert teams in the field, allowing people to fully regain their health and provide lifelong happiness.

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