What are the Birth Types?
What are the Birth Types?
Curious About Birth Types

Childbirth is undoubtedly one of the most unique experiences in the life of the expectant mother. However, it may be better to enjoy a long 40-week process and to follow the pregnancy step by step for both your baby and your own health during this period and decide the way of childbirth type with your doctor.

One of the most curious subjects by expectant mothers is child birth types. It may be better to follow the pregnancy instead of making an early decision for the type of child birth that comes to the fore especially from the first period. It will be healthier to follow the whole process of pregnancy step by step and decide on the birth process with your doctor.


Normal Child Birth

It is the type of birth that occurs naturally with the least intervention among all child birth processes. Normal birth, also called 'vaginal birth' in the literature, is the birth of the baby through the vaginal canal of the expectant mother naturally.

Normal birth, which is the most known and applied method of birth, consists of 3 stages. It starts with the opening of the uterus with pain, continues with the mother-to-be giving birth to the baby by straining, and in the final stage, it is completed with the separation of the placenta and the baby from the mother.


Cesarean Birth

Cesarean section, which results in the surgical opening of the abdomen of the expectant mother and the removal of the baby, is the method preferred by doctors when vaginal delivery is not safe.

Cesarean section, also known as planned birth, can be applied suddenly in order to complete the birth safely in cases of risk that may arise from the baby or the mother. Caesarean section, which is more painless than normal delivery, is preferred more frequently in cases of multiple pregnancy and increased gestational age.


Birth in water

Water birth, which is an alternative birth method, is the birth of a baby under water.

It is one of the birth methods applied in many countries and also used in Turkey in recent years. According to the researches, water birth, which is quite healthy for the first of the birth stages and has no side effects, is a natural method that provides a healthy management of labor pains.

Birth in water:

It aims to make the expectant mother feel less pain and use less medication after delivery.
It provides physiological acceleration of the birth process.
It allows the newborn to come to the world in a softer way.


Epidural Birth

The epidural birth method, that we have begun to hear frequently, is called 'painless birth' or 'princess birth' among the people.

Epidural child birth; It is performed with painkillers given intermittently to the catheter under the epidural membrane around the spinal cord. With the anesthesia performed, it provides a more comfortable birth of the child. It is a safe method used in normal and cesarean delivery.


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